Friday, December 14, 2012

A4tech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (GR-85 model)

A4tech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (GR-85 model
I got my new desktop computer after searching so many options. I decided to get it part-by-part so i could get great value without sacrificing performance. I focused more on the hardware because I hate PC that lag and hangs up. The last part I got was the keyboard and mouse. I was used to wired keyboards and mouse. So, when I browsed at the shelves, A4tech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse caught my attention.

First, I got curious. That was my first encounter with a wireless keyboard. I had been using a laptop for 5 years and the only thing I knew was a wireless mouse. After I hooked the USB bluetooth connection to the CPU and batteries to the keyboard and mouse, I instantly liked it.

I could bring the keyboard anywhere in the house and could still type. The mouse can also work on any surfaces. The good thing was I can work at any distance from my wall-mounted monitor whenever my eyes got tired. It functions like a regular keyboard but without the hassles of the wire.

The keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries and surprisingly a power-saver. I have been using this everyday for 5 months now and had only replaced the batteries once. The mouse is battery-hungry though. A regular AA battery would only last about 10 days. I used a lithium battery and last for a month.

I am fully satisfied and happy with A4tech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. If not for a battery-hungry mouse, I would give a 5-star rating!

In total, I am giving it a

Thursday, December 13, 2012


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